We provide Motion Design, VFX & Animation services for Networks & Brand Communication.
We help our clients producing their best content, being square, vertical, horizontal, HD or 12K.
From corporate design to developing  creative content for some of the wildest brands, we dive into projects with the same passion for quality and results.

Benefit from working with international team in Berlin.

Our Studio also provides shooting solution, audio recording and more!

Editing Suite
- Avid Media Composer 2020 w/ 4K Playback (165cm)
- Premiere
- Protools 2020 Mix &  VO Recording w/ Blue Bird  & Analog Pre-Amp

Motion Design
- After Effects & Adobe Creative Suite
- 2D traditional techniques
- Dragonframe stop motion

- DaVinci Studio / Flanders 10 Bit reference monitor

Master Delivery
- Theatre, Broadcast, Web Bildboard, DCLP, InfoScreen
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